John Lohr Campaign Endorsements

Here's a few things people are saying about John and his leadership:

"John Lohr has the qualities and experience necessary to lead the Nova Scotia Progressive Conservative Party . He has  distinguished himself as a neighbour, a farmer, community volunteer, a successful business person and now an elected MLA . It is a real pleasure for my wife Kate and I to endorse John as leader of the PC Party."

- Hon. George Archibald, former MLA and Minister of Agriculture and Transportation

"I want my representative to be there to serve, not to be served, and to do so with caring and principles. This should be especially so to assist those unable to advocate for themselves in this complex world. John lives by those principles. His character, experience as a son, husband and father, elder in his church, and experience as a small business owner and employer, make him an excellent choice to be our next leader and Premier. I am honoured to endorse his candidacy to be our next PC leader."

- Hon. David Morse, former MLA, cabinet Minister, and Conservative Party of Canada candidate

"When I moved to Nova Scotia just over a year ago, John Lohr welcomed my family and I with open arms. We have really noticed John's presence in the community and always look forward to seeing him at events! He has become a huge supporter of my charity, No Time for That Anti-Bullying Society and took time away from a busy campaign to attend and deliver a heartfelt speech at a benefit concert that I put on for bullying prevention, mental health awareness, and youth empowerment. John's kindness and generosity mean the world to me."

- Elsie Morden, Motivational Speaker, Singer-Songwriter

"I have known John for decades and have had the pleasure of working with him in leadership positions in our church. John is a man of integrity, compassion and wisdom. I believe the simplest way to significantly improve the governance of our province is to elect John the Leader of the Progressive Conservative Party and then as Premier of Nova Scotia."

- Doug Schofield, Chair of Acadia Divinity College Board of Trustees and Former President of the Convention of Atlantic Baptist Churches

"I wholeheartedly endorse John Lohr’s bid for the leadership of the Progressive Conservative Party of Nova Scotia. John knows life in rural Nova Scotia and what it is to be an urban dweller; he has the experience of owning a small business and being a steward of the land. He is a family man who knows the value of a dollar, the importance of hard work and the imperative to contribute to the community and to the lives of others. We need a leader and a premier with vision, integrity, passion and common sense - we have these qualities and more in John Lohr."

- Linden Gray, Head of Prep, Halifax Grammar School

"John Lohr is a man of strong character, deep morals and governing principles. He is a leader and a 'go-getter'. He is fair-minded, charitable and cares about his fellow man. I am proud to endorse him as a candidate for the leadership of the PC Party and the next Premier of Nova Scotia."

- Wally Jarvis, former CEO of Kings Mutual Insurance Company

"John has strong values and will always stand up for what is right. John's commitment to the people and organizations he serves with are what make him a great leader."

- Donald Cox, former President, Nova Scotia Federation of Agriculture