John Lohr Campaign Endorsements

Here's a few things people are saying about John and his leadership:

"I am a recent graduate of Acadia in Environmental Geoscience. Through my four year science degree, I had many geology classes touch on hydraulic fracturing. I have learned about the costs and the benefits of this practice. If done properly, with the right safety measures in place it can reap positive benefits.

As a new graduate, I am unable to find any sort of employment in my field in Nova Scotia. I am born and raised in Halifax, and would love to start a career and family in this beautiful province. But as of now, I am only searching for jobs outside of the Atlantic Provinces as there are little to no opportunities here.

I hope you can understand my frustration as I continue to search for work. I am hopeful Nova Scotia will be willing to consider lifting the moratorium on Hydraulic Fracturing so qualified scientists are able to at least explore the possibility of unconventional reservoirs in our province."
~ Adam Clarke
"We like the direction John will take the party and the province. Hard work, personal and fiscal responsibility, smaller government and helping your neighbour are conservative values; they are our values and John’s as well. It’s time that Nova Scotia had a leader that understands we need to stop holding our hands out and brings integrity back to government. John is that leader." ~ Alice & Brian Pickings
"I support John Lohr . His experience and knowledge in resource development will bring a new leadership, attitude and direction to Nova Scotia. John is a leader that not only understands the strengths of our diverse natural resources but also, the knowledge for its sustainable development. A healthier economy means more money for health and education- things we desperately need. John's straight forward approach to to issues will certainly be a refreshing change." ~ Anna Curtis-Steele
"John is my first choice for leader, as he is the only fiscal and social conservative in the race." ~ Arthur Brown
"I have known John for over 30 years and have seen him to be a man of impeccable character. His desire to serve the people of Nova Scotia and see them prosper and have a future for their children is what makes me willing to support him. I feel we need a man of his integrity to lead our province onto a bright future." ~ Barry Feltmate
"Having worked in the oil patch for 35 years, we badly need fracking in this province. We are leaving billions of dollars in the ground in resources. Fracking can be done in a safe, economical, and environmentally responsible manner. It’s a matter of political will & convincing the populace of the potential there is here. John Lohr is a successful farmer and businessman and has served his constituents very well during his tenure at Province House. He has an ability to stand out from his peers, always pleasant and prepared to listen to your point of view. I believe that John Lohr can take on these issues and make this province a Have province instead of a Have Not province!" ~ Bernard Hutchinson
"John and I are both farmers. Farmers, by necessity, are problem solvers, and even when times are tough, are optimistic and persistent. John will use common sense to clear the way for business to succeed, transforming our economy into the powerhouse it can be. He knows this is the key to solving the other difficult issues Nova Scotia currently faces." ~ Dan Mullen
"John’s platform shows common sense on issues large and small. From a reasoned approach on natural resource extraction and utilization to the elimination of HST on the resale of used cars. John’s campaign pillars of People, Economy and Integrity are the right prescription to help revive our moribund province." ~ Danny MacAuley
"I want my representative to be there to serve, not to be served, and to do so with caring and principles. This should be especially so to assist those unable to advocate for themselves in this complex world. John lives by those principles. His character, experience as a son, husband and father, elder in his church, and experience as a small business owner and employer, make him an excellent choice to be our next leader and Premier. I am honoured to endorse his candidacy to be our next PC leader." ~ Hon. David Morse
"John supports business growth and development in Nova Scotia, and that's why I am supporting him." ~ David Tonen
"I am throwing my support behind John Lohr. I believe he will make Nova Scotia prosper and take down the barriers that keep big buisness away. I support uber fully. He has a plan to fix our health care crises. I believe he is the only true conservative in the running. As a public servent working in mental health support, I believe he will be fair to those who serve our communities. I am proud to support John Lorh." ~ Devin Deveau
"I believe John Lohr is a man of integrity who as a farmer and small business owner fully understands hard work and the sacrifices of self-employed who need a voice at every level of government." ~ Diana Read-Meidema
"I endorse John for leadership of the PC party and believe strongly that he will lead it to victory in the next election. Leadership is not and should not be a popularity contest, just look at the PMO right now. John has the skills, sense of responsibility and principles, all tempered with the experience of operating a business to be the best leader for the party." ~ Don Cavichhi
"Honesty, transparency and integrity come to mind when talking about John. When speaking to John, it is clear he understands the issues important to all Nova Scotians. .As a husband, father, farmer, businessman, community volunteer, and sitting MLA for two terms, John has a vast amount of life experiences to draw from to lead the PC Party. John is approachable, listens, always willing to help and is a tireless worker on behalf of the people; these are the right traits of a leader. We need solid people in government. Please join me in endorsing John Lohr in his bid for leader of the PC Party, a man with new ideas, drive, and ethics; with the ability to handle the responsibility of this important job. I will be voting for John, the best candidate and wishing John and his team success in the coming leadership vote for Nova Scotia PC Party Leader. Let’s make it happen!" ~ Don MacKenzie
"I have known John for decades and have had the pleasure of working with him in leadership positions in our church. John is a man of integrity, compassion and wisdom. I believe the simplest way to significantly improve the governance of our province is to elect John the Leader of the Progressive Conservative Party and then as Premier of Nova Scotia." ~ Doug Schofield
"Integrity is in short supply when it comes to politics. This is why we're proud to put our support behind John Lohr in the Nova Scotia PC Leadership race. John gives straight answers, and does what he promises. He will make a great leader and Premier." ~ Earle and Lynn Wambolt
"When I moved to Nova Scotia just over a year ago, John Lohr welcomed my family and I with open arms. We have really noticed John's presence in the community and always look forward to seeing him at events! He has become a huge supporter of my charity, No Time for That Anti-Bullying Society and took time away from a busy campaign to attend and deliver a heartfelt speech at a benefit concert that I put on for bullying prevention, mental health awareness, and youth empowerment. John's kindness and generosity means the world to me." ~ Elsie Morden
"I am lending my support to John Lohr’s leadership bid for the Conservative leadership race for the following reasons: He demonstrates clear family values that can be transferable to the political arena. He is articulate on the current issues of our time and demonstrates a willingness to address them in a manner that will meet real need in our province. He does not promise more than he has the ability to achieve. He is not a “Lone Ranger!” His ability to be one who works collaboratively with his team promise a cohesive working government in the days ahead. My trusted friends see positive life qualities in John, so I support their recommendations." ~ Frank Guinta
"I have been working in Western Canada for 12 years, traveling back and forth to my home in Cumberland North. John Lohr has a sensible approach to developing our natural resources and I like what I hear. I know how good it would be for the Nova Scotia economy. I am part of a well-trained team that does the migration out west regularly. I know that under the leadership of John Lohr, we can come home help get this job done and make this our permanent home again." ~ Gary Fisher
"Kate and I are very pleased to offer our support in John's campaign for the leadership of the PC Party. He has been successful in agriculture, business and politics. He shows the qualities of a true leader . We appreciate John's straight forward approach to the issues facing Nova Scotia and his solutions that will help all Nova Scotians." ~ George Archibald
"I am supporting John Lohr for leader of the Progressive Conservative Party of Nova Scotia as I feel that he will be the kind of Premier that this province needs right now. John has a vision for this province that will bring back the prosperity and hope that our young people need in order to find good paying jobs in their home province. John would lead the NSPC Party and our province in a professional way. John also would bring integrity to this position as he is a very sincere person who deeply cares about the people he serves as well as this province." ~ George Moody
"I am supporting John Lohr for the leadership of the PC Party of Nova Scotia because it's time we gave Conservatism a real chance in Nova Scotia. John’s policies are bold and John espouses them clearly and honestly in a plain forthright manner. He believes in Christian values such as Love, Faith, Charity and Hope. I wish more leaders believed in these virtues. John Lohr is not your standard Politician, he is the best hope for our Party's electoral prospects and the best choice for Nova Scotia's future." ~ Glenn Graham
"I first started with the PC Party in 1983, working on a campaign in Central Nova. In 1999, I was the candidate in Dartmouth-Cole Harbour, and again in 2013 in Cole Harbour-Portland Valley. Like many candidates, my motivation to run was due to my displeasure with the government of the day and also to run under a great leader of the PC Party with the aim of making Nova Scotia a better place and provide good governance. I first met John during the election of 2013. When I heard John’s ideas at the start of the campaign for leader they immediately resonated with me- almost as music to my ears, as they have with many of you. Since then, I have been following the leadership race closely and objectively. In doing so I became even more impressed with John’s performance, knowledge, desire for positive change on key issues, and demeanor. John’s common sense approach, background, business experience, and ability to assemble and lead a great team are what the PC Party needs in a leader. Greg Frampton" ~ Greg Frampton
"John is dedicated to make Nova Scotia an even better place to work, raise a family and retire. He will focus his vision and boundless energy for the good of all Nova Scotians." ~ Greg Kerr
"Having lived and worked in four provinces across Canada, I have seen my share of politicians. It is my privilege as a member of the PC party, both provincially and nationally, to recommend and endorse John Lohr, as leader of the PC party of Nova Scotia. I believe in his platform and his commitment to implementing them. John has pledged to improve and provide more medical doctors which are so badly needed here in N.S. He has also put forward an idea to provide life insurance for all of our volunteer first responders. I urge all party members to vote for strong leadership, under John Lohr." ~ Greg Turner
"I have experienced and observed the way John treats people- with respect and straightforwardness. Opinion, position, party aside, John works for all people of Nova Scotia with integrity and dedication. I believe that with John's leadership, our province can create working solutions for the challenges we face today and lay a foundation for a future of opportunity and personal achievement. This is a great place to live and our province will move forward with a government led by John Lohr." ~ Janice Munroe Dodge
"I am 65 years old and have known John Lohr for over 20 years. The reason I want to endorse him is because I know he has integrity. That is very Important to me. John has been a local businessman, involved in agriculture and in his community. He is a family man and understands love and hurt. He also understands what NS industries need in order to compete globally. Best of all, he can look you in the eye when he is talking with you. I trust him!" ~ Jean MacDonald
"John Lohr's leadership will get the job done! John has faced trials and hardships of many kinds and has shown that through perseverance those experiences have become a source of wisdom and strength. John understands people, their struggles, and concerns, and why so many are dissatisfied with the government. We need a leader that amidst the challenges of governing, will indeed lead with integrity, compassion, strength, and wisdom. John Lohr is that leader. " ~ Jim Hnatiuk
"In looking to the NS Progressive Conservatives for the first time, I am very impressed with John's willingness to defend cherished values such as freedom of speech, market competition, lower taxes & smaller government. I have been able to meet some of the leadership contenders in person & John's down-to-earth desire to engage in conversation, as opposed to delivering a speech, won me & my friends & family over. John makes it a point to keep in touch & every time we cross paths in person I am reminded of why he is the best choice to lead the NSPC party." ~ Joe Hazleton
"We like John because he genuinely cares about this province and the people in it. He is not just a politician but also a concerned citizen. Also, we like farmers!" ~ John and Helen Ivens
"Our province and our party need a leader whose a principled conservative, we need a leader who is going to open up the free market in Nova Scotia, we need a leader who will develop our natural resources and not cater to the special interest groups. John Lohr is the best choice and voting for John is voting for a more prosperous Nova Scotia" ~ Josh Eisses
"As a millennial striving for economic success in Nova Scotia, I depend on a leader who won’t be content with a status quo economy. Young Nova Scotians want to work, we just need to have access to the opportunity. We depend on a vision like John’s, one that embraces opportunities that will allow our province to diversify and thrive. I support John Lohr because I want a prosperous future for all Nova Scotians." ~ Katherine Murphy
"I am supporting John Lohr in the campaign for the Leadership of the NS Progressive Conservative Party. John is a true progressive conservative recognizing the need for solid fiscal management as the only way to provide for a prosperous society. John has the necessary real-world experience, the vision for the future, the ethical principles and the solid character essential for leadership." ~ Kelvin Ogilvie
"I am sending my support to John Lohr because he understands how the economy works. He supports good paying jobs in Nova Scotia and will allow young people to remain in this province for the long term." ~ Kurt Jack
"From the first time I heard him speak I have been in complete agreement with his values. The more I hear him the more I like him." ~ Larry Centa
"John Lohr has identified his conservative policies and values and has engaged in considerable outreach to describe these policies to the membership. I agree with his vision for the future of our province and I am pleased to support John Lohr for the Leadership of the PC Party of Nova Scotia." ~ Linda Franklin
"I wholeheartedly endorse John Lohr’s bid for the leadership of the Progressive Conservative Party of Nova Scotia. John knows life in rural Nova Scotia and what it is to be an urban dweller; he has the experience of owning a small business and being a steward of the land. He is a family man who knows the value of a dollar, the importance of hard work and the imperative to contribute to the community and to the lives of others. We need a leader and a premier with vision, integrity, passion and common sense - we have these qualities and more in John Lohr." ~ Linden Gray
"John Lohr & his family have been greatly supportive in our migration & settlement in Canada. The whole transition was very overwhelming to us but John & his family were there every single step of the way. We are very grateful and blessed to have met someone as helpful as John and we truly stand by him in the next chapter of his journey!" ~ Thadeus and Annah Magora
"I am putting my support behind John Lohr for leader of the NS PC Party. Having a had a chance to meet with John on a couple of occasions and discuss his policies I feel he is the type of leader we need. I believe John can find a balance between environmental issues and job creation in our Province. As a parent of four younger adults with student debt, I would like to see them have the opportunity to work good jobs and raise a family in Nova Scotia and not in Alberta. I also like John’s approach to making taxation fairer for all and actually backing up his claims with how he will get things done. I respect a leader who from day one has clearly laid out his policies and plans to move us all forward. John’s vision on healthcare and education will quickly move us out of the current rut and get us back on track to world class care and education. The Nova Scotia PC party needs a leader, who with the input of his MLA’s, can make the required decisions and advance all Nova Scotians. John Lohr will get the job done, you won’t find him sitting on the fence!" ~ Mark MacLaughlin
"I have had the pleasure to not only work with John in his constituency office for several years but to work on his two MLA campaigns, in 2013 and in 2015. I came to know John as a person of deep thought and conviction who truly cares deeply. John not only has a vision for Nova Scotia, but he is the only candidate who has a plan to get there and he isn't afraid to address the tough issues head on. John shows true leadership qualities and that is why I am proud to openly endorse John Lohr as the next leader of the PC Party." ~ Martha MacQuarrie
"Young people in our province need a leader who will keep jobs in Nova Scotia and more money in our pockets. That’s why I’m proud to endorse John Lohr for leader." ~ Matthew Clark
"John is a hard working individual who understands the needs of Nova Scotians. I believe John will put our small province back on the map by creating good paying jobs so our young generation doesn't have to move away from our beautiful province Most importantly, John listens thoughtfully to every person he meets. I am honored to show my support for John Lohr." ~ Michael Roode
"I am a new PC party member and attended the PC leadership debate in Sydney last week. While some candidates focused on attacking each other, John Lohr calmly and confidently outlined his vision for the PC Party and Nova Scotia. After meeting John, I am confident that he has what it takes to improve Cape Breton’s economy." ~ Mike Henick
"I am very proud to support John Lohr in this Leadership Campaign. John is truly a "standup" guy, and represents all the strengths and values we need in the future Premier of Nova Scotia. As part of his volunteer team, I get to see first hand, his immense thoughtfulness with all Nova Scotians and his strong will to listen and contribute with his experience and hard work ethics." ~ Mike Lapointe
"After meeting John, we were impressed at his deep commitment and passion to serve the people of Nova Scotia and to bring positive change to our province. As a lifetime resident of Nova Scotia, business owner and family man, we know that John understands the lives of everyday Nova Scotians. John has a deep commitment to grow our economy, serve the people, and bring integrity to the governing body. We would strongly recommend him as the leader of the PC party leader and the future premier of Nova Scotia." ~ Neil and Christine Barr
"It gives me great pleasure to talk about the qualities of PC candidate John Lohr. For many years John has impressed me with his success in the business arena and how he and his family has handled times of close personal loss. When I needed his help in our Cameroon project there was no hesitation. Honest, results driven and charismatic, he is who we need to lead our PC party and Province." ~ Pete Smith
"John and I have been friends for a long time – even allies in the 2017 election. This province will benefit greatly from the wisdom, strength and courage of this soft-spoken statesman. The honesty and integrity that he brings to this leadership contest is only paralleled by his determination to make life better for the people of this province. His continuous striving for knowledge and understanding of issues is broadened by his travel and life mission to serve. Take the time to meet the man who can make a positive change in Nova Scotia’s future. That’s why I am making my choice John Lohr." ~ Peter Harrison
"I’m supporting John because he makes decisions on the basis of objective evidence. As well, he listens to and considers all perspectives when he makes decisions. These qualities make him a leadership candidate who can not only come up with sound economic and social policies, but one who can also unite the party and be the voice for the vast majority of Nova Scotians." ~ Rick Mehta
"I have known John and his family for over 30 years. He is a thoughtful and kind man, a critical thinker, and a man of extensive and varied knowledge. “Farmer John” has always treated his employees and friends with fairness and compassion. John is unfortunately no stranger to struggles and grief, however, such intense losses have reinforced his convictions and strengthened his ability to empathize with others. I believe that John’s integrity and life experiences make him the perfect person to be our next NSPC leader!" ~ Roxanne McGaw
"I have been involved with the PC party of Nova Scotia for many years, and as President and Treasurer of the Bedford PC Association for the past 10 years. Now is the time to elect a strong leader, who as Premier of Nova Scotia will transform our province. John Lohr is that leader." ~ Sandy Stevens
"John Lohr is a man of integrity. I have known him all my life and I am convinced that his values mirror my own. It is with confidence that I heartily endorse John Lohr." ~ Shelley Fleckenstein
"John Lohr is a man of strong character, deep morals and governing principles. He is a leader and a go-getter. He is fair-minded, charitable and cares about his fellowman. I am proud to endorse him as a candidate for the leadership of the PC Party and the next Premier of Nova Scotia." ~ Wally Jarvis
"From the beginning of the leadership campaign, and over the months that followed, John Lohr was the only candidate to clearly articulate policy. I knew what he stood for and recognized that his policies would make Nova Scotia stronger in every way. John Lohr is a man of integrity, compassion, and common-sense. I am proud to endorse John Lohr for the leadership of the NS PC Party." ~ Wanda Webber
"I feel that John Lohr would be the right leader for our party. I trust John and respect his beliefs. We should give John Lohr the opportunity to be the next leader of the Nova Scotia Progressive Party." ~ Donna Dodsworth, Clayton Park West
~ Irene & Lewis Sparkes, Cape Breton-Richmond
~ Sam Hogen, Cape Breton Centre
~ George Munroe, Cole Harbour-Eastern Passage
~ Marshal Klev, Preston Dartmouth
~ Margaret Fountain, Halifax Citadel-Sable Island
~ Hayden Hopgood, Halifax Chebucto
~ George and Laurie Hull, Chester St. Margaret's