John Lohr's Campaign Policies

John’s campaign is built on three pillars: people, the economy, and returning integrity to Government.

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End the NSLC Monopoly

The NSLC has a monopoly on all alcohol sales in our province. This means that all alcohol sold in this province pays the NSLC to distribute their product, even if they don’t. This drives up prices for producers and consumers. More importantly, it stifles the growth of local, private business.

A government should welcome and support entrepreneurs in this province. They hire workers, pay taxes and contribute to the prosperity of our province.

As leader, I will campaign in the next election on breaking the NSLC monopoly and allow local beer and wine to be sold in grocery stores.

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No Carbon Tax

The Ottawa Liberals want a job-killing carbon tax in Nova Scotia. Like many of the taxes that are imposed on us in this province, a carbon tax is just a cash grab.  As Premier, one of my first acts will be to axe the job-killing carbon tax. No consultations- no delays.

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No sales tax on used vehicles

Used vehicles shouldn't be taxed more than once- it’s as simple of that.

Why should government get to tax the same purchase multiple times? I will campaign in the next election on getting rid of provincial sales tax on used vehicles.

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Reversing the Doctor shortage

Healthcare in Nova Scotia is in a crisis. The lack of doctors is one of the most visible symptoms.

As of December 2017, the Nova Scotia Health Authority’s Need a Family Practice list had 42,198 names. Estimates peg that number at closer to 100,000.

There have been countless stories in my time as MLA of closed emergency rooms because there was no doctor on schedule, or people waiting hours for appropriate care.

Enough is enough. We need to address this doctor shortage.

We can’t expect young doctors to move to NS with high student debt if they are going to be the lowest paid in Canada, and charged some of the highest taxes across the country.

A John Lohr government will make sure that doctors in NS are the highest-paid in the Maritimes.

We will also pay doctors higher wages to work in rural parts of the province, where doctor shortages are felt most.  

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End the ban on Natural Gas Development

An Energy Department study released in 2018 has found that Nova Scotia is sitting on between $20 and $60 billion worth of onshore natural gas. Think of how many jobs that could bring to our great province.

Unfortunately, the McNeil Liberals placed a blanket ban on onshore natural gas development, and all the jobs that come with it in 2014. Even after receiving the results of this study, they stated that they have no intention of changing their stance on natural gas development.

I believe that our communities should be permitted to make these decisions for themselves and develop these resources if they choose.  

One of my first acts as Premier will be to lift the McNeil ban on onshore natural gas development in Nova Scotia.

Let our communities make their own decision when it comes to fracking.

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Protect the forestry industry

Politicians and special interest groups in Nova Scotia *and now PEI* are actively working against Nova Scotia's forestry industry.

They are playing politics and interfering with the science-based Environmental Assessment process and attempting to kill the mill by demanding additional processes that aren’t required under federal law.

The forestry industry across the province depends on Northern Pulp, and there are thousands of Nova Scotians, from Cape Breton to Yarmouth who depend on Northern Pulp for their livelihood.

As Leader and Premier, I will continue to support the mill and these good paying jobs.

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No Free Speech = No Funding

Political correctness on campus has gone too far. Schools are allowing small, radical factions to shut down debate on Canadian campuses. Adults can make their own decisions about who or what they want to listen to and should be able to discuss and debate topics without fear of being shutdown.

Last year during the Federal leadership race, the now-Conservative Party of Canada leader Andrew Scheer announced that if Universities didn't protect free speech they could say goodbye to federal funding under a Conservative Government.

I agree 100%.

That's why, as leader of the Nova Scotia Progressive Conservative Party and Premier of Nova Scotia, I will ensure that only schools protecting free speech are eligible for provincial funding.

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It's time for Uber and other ride-sharing companies to be allowed to operate in Nova Scotia!

More competition is good for people and good for the economy.

As Premier, my government will introduce legislation that allows Uber drivers to purchase the insurance they need to operate. Individual municipalities can then decide if ride-sharing is for them.

It’s time for the provincial government to stop blocking ride-sharing.

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Mental Health Courts

Mental Health Courts hear cases that have been recommended by medical and legal professionals.

The goal is to make sure people get the help they need.

For those of you who know Heather and I, this is a topic that we are passionate about. Nova Scotians have opened up to me about how mental health services have failed them and how difficult it is to get appropriate and timely assistance.

Since its launch, the Mental Health Court has seen a significant success rate.But the province currently has only two specialized Mental Health Courts: one in in Dartmouth and the other in Kings County.

As leader and Premier, I would work to establish more mental health courts across the province.

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Full-time Agricultural Minister

There are over 2700 farming families across the province, generating hundreds of millions of dollars in economic activity. Agriculture is important in Nova Scotia but the Minister of Agriculture is also the Minister of Fisheries and Aquaculture.

As Premier, I would appoint a full time Minister of Agriculture and give proper attention to a major industry in our province.

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Pay down the debt

Nova Scotia has a debt of over $15 billion dollars. That works out to more than $15,000 for every man, woman and child in the province. We spend more on debt than what we pay for highways, infrastructure, assistance to universities, and provincial programs for seniors.

Far too often, when politicians see a surplus, they see a chance to spend taxpayer dollars to get them re-elected. We saw this in the 2018 budget announcement.

Enough irresponsible government spending. Future generations need to take action now to put Nova Scotia on solid financial footing.

As Premier, I would implement a more fiscally conservative approach, and commit that at least 50% of government surpluses would be dedicated to debt reduction. The remaining amount can be used for either tax cuts or appropriate spending.

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Religious Freedom

During the 2018 spring legislature session, I asked the McNeil Liberals for a commitment that they would not copy the Justin Trudeau "values test" being forced on groups in order to receive summer student funding.  

The Community ACCESS-ability Program  helps community organizations make their buildings more accessible to people with physical disabilities.

Community halls, libraries, cultural centres...they can all access this funding.

Churches are the only non-profit organizations banned from applying for funds to make their facilities more accessible.The Minister had no answer for why this rule exists.

I consider this unacceptable and discriminatory towards people of faith.

As Leader and Premier, I will ensure churches, like all other community organizations are eligible for  funding to help make houses of worship more accessible for people with physical disabilities.

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Medical Assisted Dying

The topic of medical professionals helping someone end their life is a complex and emotional topic.

For some time I have heard from medical professionals who have specific concerns.

Due to their personal convictions, their conscience simply won't allow them to be part of helping end someone's life.

The fear I hear from doctors is that the current rules are vague enough that if they don't refer a patient to someone who is willing to provide Medical Assistance in Death, then they can be disciplined by the College of Physicians, which potentially puts their license at risk.

This would not only hurt the doctor, but it would make our province's doctor shortage worse.

As Premier, I will introduce a Bill that would make the rules crystal clear. Medical professionals would not be forced to participate in any manner with Medical Assistance in Dying.

They will be free to exercise their conscience, and be protected against any punishment for doing so.

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Summer Jobs

Church and faith-based organizations use federal grants every year to hire summer students.

These jobs not only provide quality work experience, they benefit their communities with summer camps for kids, and taking care of those in need.

This year, however, church and faith-based organizations received a rude awakening from the Trudeau Liberals.

A new "values test" was added, requiring organizations to say they supported, without any conditions or reservations, abortion.

I think we can all agree this is a sensitive topic, which evokes many different views.

Government should not start policing what people believe.

As Premier I will never discriminate based on religious beliefs. 

Summer job funding will be based on whether it gives students good experience, and whether it provides value to a community.

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Fire the NS Health Authority CEO and Board

As I meet with people across the province, the message is clear:

Health care is a disaster.

As I hear story after story from Nova Scotians about how the system was consistently failing them, I have been asked what I would do about it, if I became Premier.

I told them:

I would fire the CEO and the entire Board of the Nova Scotia Health Authority.

It's an unfortunate, but necessary, step.

We need better results.

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Fixed Elections

In a Lohr government, Ministers and MLAs will be held to the highest standards.

And we will put the good of the province ahead of political games.

We'll start by creating fixed election dates, and publishing an annual schedule of when the Legislature will sit.

This will stop backroom boys and Party insiders from manipulating election timings and when the House sits to suit their political interests.

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Supporting Families of First Responders

Every day, brave men and women across Nova Scotia put their lives on the line.

They serve as first responders: police officers, paramedics, firefighters - both paid and volunteer - who bravely enter situations that most of us will never have to deal with.

I'm thankful for their service, and I believe it's important we recognize their courage and selflessness.

A Lohr PC Government would compensate the families of first responders who pass away in the line of duty with a lump sum payment of $100,000.

This payment would be exempt from provincial income tax.

Policy should always be about people.

I witnessed the challenges families face first-hand, when my Constituency Assistant, Martha, lost her husband Brian to illness contracted as a volunteer firefighter.

I know nothing will replace the loss of a loved one, but if this can provide financial relief for these families who have sacrificed so much in the name of public service, then it is worth it.

Do you agree with supporting our first responders like this?

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